Lumps and bumps - 25% off lump removals


As a pet owner, finding a new lump on your companion can be worrying and you may not know whether or not to seek veterinary advice. Severn Edge Vets are offering consultations to examine your pet’s lumps and bumps and discuss recommendations for monitoring or further investigation and treatment. Please phone us to book an appointment or request an appointment online.

If surgery is recommended to remove a lump, if booked before 31st March 2024, we are offering a 25% discount on lump removal surgery.*


Lumps on, in or under the skin are commonly found in dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets. The cause of these lumps can vary from low risk in-growing hairs and cysts, to benign tumours such as warts and fatty lumps, all the way through to high risk cancerous tumours.

It is always a good idea to get any new lumps checked out as soon as possible.

It is also a good idea to check any lumps that have recently changed.

For a lot of lumps your vet can give you an indication of whether the lump is anything to worry about. Giving your vet the following information will help in checking the nature of a lump:

  • How long has it been there?
  • Has it changed in size?
  • Are there any more elsewhere on the body?
  • Have they had a lump in this area before?
  • Is it itchy?
  • Is there any hair loss?
  • Any other signs of illness in your pet?

Where the nature of the lump is less clear your vet may recommend a test for further investigation in order to best advise you whether treatment is required. Further tests commonly involve a fine needle aspirate (or ‘FNA’) which involves introducing a small needle, like those used for your pet’s vaccinations, into the lump in order to obtain a sample. This does not require any anaesthetic or sedation for the vast majority of pets.

Sometimes a surgical biopsy may be advised instead of, or following, an FNA. This is when a small piece of tissue is removed from the lump, usually under sedation or anaesthetic. These tests give the vet more information to identify the type of lump and plan further care with you for your pet.

Don’t sit and worry about your pet’s lump - please phone us to book an appointment or request an appointment online.



* This promotion is valid from 15th January 2024 to 31st March 2024. Surgery must be booked before 31st March to receive the 25% discount

The initial consultation and any diagnostic testing will be charged at the normal price. Estimates of cost will be provided on request. Healthy Pet Club members continue to benefit from 10% off these charges

The 25% discount applies to the lump removal procedure fee and general anaesthetic charge only

Once the surgery has been performed any subsequent consultations, medication or treatment will be charged at the normal price

Severn Edge Veterinary Group reserves the right to withdraw this promotion, without notice, at any time

Our general offer terms and conditions also apply: