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Order your pet's repeat prescriptions for postal delivery or for collection from selected branches.

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We are pleased to offer the HPC – our own membership scheme, which provides pet owners with the support they need to help their pets stay fit and healthy.

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The Horse Health Programme is a preventative healthcare plan saving you around £150* on veterinary care. It is suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys.

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We pride ourselves on providing a service that focuses on what's best for you and your animals. When interacting with any of our staff you’ll experience a friendly, genuine atmosphere with a guaranteed "zero-pressure" approach to veterinary care.

What our clients say...

  • I love being a member of the Healthy Pet Club! Not only is it cost effective for flea and worming treatments, it is so convenient to be able to pick up everything I need from one place. Having recently introduced two new kittens into the household, the club has saved me so much money with initial vaccinations and microchipping. It makes it much easier to be a responsible pet owner; I feel that I'm now doing everything I can to ensure my cats are happy and healthy.

    Watson and Matilda's owner

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)
  • Honestly cannot recommend this vets enough! After years of trying to sort out Olive’s ears we finally have answers we were looking for. Our little pig had a mini operation a couple of weeks ago, the nurse wrapped her up in her blanket, gave her a kiss and off she went (the first time I haven’t cried when leaving the vets without her!) - I had exactly the same experience when I went in to collect her, apart from the nurse didn’t want to let her go! We went to the Cleobury practice today and had the results from her operation - nothing was too much effort. We had chance to ask all of the questions we needed answers to, and again, Olive was given so much love and attention (which she loves of course!) We are so thankful for these amazing people who have helped us so much sorting our baby out - not just the vets themselves but the receptionists & nurses that have made this whole experience so much easier. It’s 5 stars from all of us! ♥️


    Cleobury Mortimer
  • Excellent service Staff & Vets very friendly and helpful we went to them after having a bad experience with another veterinary clinic we our now registered with Severn Edge Thank you for making our Dog well again

    Mr Jackson

  • I have 5 of my dogs with you and one recently has had a small op. We are always looked after at a very high standard. All the staff are amazing and work so hard Great service Such lovely staff.... Truly grateful. Thanks. Xxx

    Lisa E

  • I am writing to sincerely thank everyone for taking care of Lily last week; and taking care of me too. She is doing really well and is as happy as ever. I am quickly recovering from my fear and insecurity! We have not known Severn Edge Vets in general, or the wonderful staff at Bridgnorth in particular, for very long, but I am glad we found you after our house move. I know my treasure is safe with you. Thanks again.

    Pam Bayliss-Jones

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)
  • I can't recommend highly enough. All the staff are wonderful and especially our favourite vet Rob! He's performed surgery on both our bengal cat and Rottweiler baby! Both with outstanding results and full empathy!

    Sarah Hopkins

    Much Wenlock
  • I honestly can't thank you guys enough between you and the Donnington team quickly diagnosing and treating my baby dogs pyometra she's now cuddled up at home with me and lived to tell the tale! a really heartfelt thanks from me and my family! The staff were fantastic with me in such an emotional and frightened state! I honestly can't praise and recommend you enough!

    Becky Farlow

    Donnington (Telford)
  • Severn Edge never fail to impress me, we usually use the Bridgnorth branch we have had two operations with them one was a Castration and the other was a emergency operation, both times been impressed by the quality of work and added benefits, like clipping the claws whilst under anesthetic. We recently had our darling girl Sasha Spay at the Donnington branch, im always worrying when ever the dogs are in the vets but felt really reassured by the lovely vet/nursing team, its the first time we have used this branch and was really impressed. The after care offered is fantastic, brilliant advice all questions answered thoroughly, provided with all the after care medication, food, buster collar etc... my dog suffers from separation anxiety so i have always worried about her being left for the operation, but the staff assured me she got on great and i feel she has really been looked after! We are now registered with the Broseley branch and Sasha had a check up and the staff were lovely and friendly. I know that if there are any questions or issues the team will be happy to help. Perfect.

    Hazel Flanigan

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)
    Donnington (Telford)
  • Fantastic service today I realised our coloured cobs vaccination was due today at 4pm.The team sorted it for me and Andrew had the pony injected and passport filled in by 5.30pm. Thank you all for helping .

    Louise Brown

    Bridgnorth Equine
  • Communication is 5 star, everyone is friendly and helpful. All the Vets I have dealt with have been very calm and gentle with my rescue girl. Highly recommended Severn edge Equine Vets

    Max McQueen-Alcorn

    Bridgnorth Equine
  • Thank you to the Lady on reception at Bewdley today at about 1 30, I collected my wife from the hairdressers in Bark Hil where we found a border collie lost. We tried the contact number on her collar but got no reply. So, we put her in the car and took her to the vets in the hope that she was chipped. The lady was on the phone when I went in and I heard her repeat the description of a lost dog. So, I told her we had found one fitting the description and as she came out to look at the dog she spotted the lady who had lost her. So, they were quickly re-united everyone very happy.

    Mick Jackson‎

  • Yesterday I had to say a very sudden good bye to my loved moggy. He had accidentally digested anti-freeze. I had my 10 year old daughter with me and your staff at Donnington, Telford practice couldn't have been any better. You have amazing staff who were fantastic with myself and my daughter, they were sympathetic and caring, they explained clearly what had happened and we had the best advice possible. It sounds strange to say but they made a very sad situation more bearable. We were given as much time as we needed to say our final good byes to our fur baby. Thank you to the staff that helped me last night.

    Helen Weston

    Donnington (Telford)
  • A huge thank you to all Bridgnorth staff involved in Mocha's care. Such a huge character in a small package is being sorely missed.

    Cath Shinton

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)
  • Thank you for helping the cat we bought in earlier this evening. Bought back memories from 12 months ago when you looked after our own cat for 6 days after a road accident.

    Rebecca Hocknull

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)
  • We have a very nervous and now old gentleman rescue greyhound, today he had a lot of teeth extracted! Severn edge at cleobury were great, very accommodating of his nervous behaviour, very understanding of me being jittery and super care of our boy, couldn't have been better, we can't thank you enough, he is home now, sore but recuperating! Thank you.

    Alex Hadley

    Cleobury Mortimer
  • I would like to say a massive thank you to the ladies at Donnington especially Eleanor who were fantastic with Daisy last night. We turned up there last thing last night and they were brilliant, they treated Daisy with so much love and care (and comforted 2 very worried owners!).....I honestly cannot thank them enough, every time we have been there they have been fantastic but last night their love and care really shone through! Thank you so much again......

    Becky Humphreys

    Donnington (Telford)
  • My five star goes to the lovely Amy watkins the past few years we have only ever seen Amy who is a very caring vet and person Amy helped us with our cat, dog, and even our elderly guinea pig who had a bladder stone who Amy took the stone out in her own time she had finished her shift and then went home all took place at bridgenorth if that's not the best vet I don't know what is I will never forget that. Recently we lost 3 chins to heat stroke Amy was amazing always caring very very supportive and we can not thank Amy enough always answers our questions via telephone when we need advice if Amy moves branches we won't be far behind a very true loving caring vet one in a million at donnington branch thankyou Amy. X

    Marie Morgan

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)
  • I registered with Severn Edge Vets early this year and found it a very refreshing change to the service I had received at my previous vets. I have a number of animals (mostly rescue) and whilst they have not all visited for treatment (as yet), the service I have received so far has been fantastic. In particular a big thank you to goes to Penny at Kinver for never tiring of our almost weekly visits and being fantastic with 'the boys' through their seemingly endless attempts to visit her. Thank you also to Jasmine who has also been great on the occasions we have seen her. I also like that if Severn Edge Vets aren't too familiar with a type of animal they don't 'blag' their way through a consult; instead they check and reference to achieve the best outcome - thank you. In again next week - this time with ferrets!

    Maxine Huselbee

  • Just find you all at Severn Edge very professional and caring also you try and fit in with me and times as i work.

    Lynne B.

    Bridgnorth Pets (24hr)