Lameness Examinations

We see many lame horses and the majority of these can be resolved at the horse’s yard without the need for further investigation.

Lameness Work-up

However, those lamenesses that are more serious or do not resolve with initial treatment may need more detailed work-up. The diagnosis of equine lameness can be quite challenging. As a result, we employ various investigative techniques and equipment to find the cause of the problem, allowing us to treat the horse successfully.

Lameness workups often entail some or all of the following;

  • Assessing the lameness
  • Examining the horse’s movement on the concrete trot up area and/or the sand indoor school.
  • Flexion tests of the limbs
  • Palpation of the limbs
  • Nerve and/or joint blocks to localise the source of the lameness.
  • X-rays of the affected area.
  • Ultrasound scan of the affected area.