Paddy's Tooth

A couple of weeks ago Paddy’s owner noticed a swelling on the side of his face that was discharging pus.

On examination this was confirmed as an abscess and unfortunately it did not resolve with drainage and antibiotics so further investigations were required. The location of the swelling was very suspicious of an abscess originating from one of the first two pre molar teeth on the upper jaw.

X-rays were taken and an abnormality of the second pre-molar was identified. Paddy had this removed under standing sedation by vets Mark and Hannah with the assistance of Jo one of our equine technicians at our Aston Munslow clinic. On removal one of the tooth roots was broken confirming that this tooth was the cause of the problem.

X-rays after the surgery confirmed there were no fragments remaining. The hole has now been packed and will be replaced in one weeks’ time. We wish Paddy a speedy recovery and hope his owner can be back hacking him out with the warmer months approaching very soon!



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