Farm Health Planning

While we will always be on hand for emergencies and sick animals, as vets we can provide much more than just this traditional “fire brigade service”. The majority of farm assurance schemes now not only require a formal health plan to be drawn up but ask for it to be done with veterinary input – but rather than seeing this as a hassle or just a tick box exercise we can use health planning to make gains on farm.

It has been shown repeatedly that farms that actively engage in farm health planning have healthier and therefore more productive animals and spend less on veterinary intervention in the long term.

The old adage still rings true – “prevention is better than cure” and the costs of disease is not limited to the drugs and labour at the time. The impact on future performance often costs just as much, even though we may not directly see it. A proactive health plan can reduce the occurrence of disease and help avoid losses all together.

To be beneficial, health plans have to be personalised – what works for one system will not necessarily work for another and everyone deals with different challenges on farm. A health plan will not only help set out appropriate vaccination and treatment protocols for your farm but also tackle disease prevention and control and optimise routine management procedures.

The best health plans are dynamic – we implement changes and then constantly assess and alter things depending on the outcomes but we first need a starting point. We can meet with you at Bridgnorth and fill out a basic health plan for around £35. This is a great chance to pick our brains and ensure you are using best products in the right way to optimise returns.

Please contact the surgery to book in or speak to one of us for more information.

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