APHA Briefing Note 10/17

This is an advisory notice we have received from the APHA regarding the CHeCS TB health schemes in England and Wales.

There are two Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS) accredited health schemes available for bovine TB in England and Wales.
These new TB schemes require the farmer and their vet to work together on a number of biosecurity measures. Similar schemes have already helped farmers implement successful disease control programmes for five other cattle diseases. The farmer must first choose from one of two CHeCS accredited health schemes (see opposite) and then work with their vet to implement the scheme biosecurity measures on-farm.
APHA will continue to organise TB testing and the scheme providers will have access to the test results with the agreement of the farmer. Using the last 10 years of test data the scheme provider will award the herd a starting status, from 0-10, to reflect the number of years the herd has been TB-free. This means homebred animals marketed from these herds can then be sold with that status, subject to a signed declaration from the farmer’s vet.
The herd’s ‘score’ will increase each year it remains free from TB. The schemes will benefit farmers selling cattle that are located in a high TB incidence area and are free of the disease, those who wish to minimise exposure from bought-in animals, and those wanting to reduce the risk of TB in their herd.

Further Information
If you wish to know more, please visit www.checs.co.uk to read the technical standard, programme handbook and Q&A. If it sounds advantageous to you, please discuss joining the scheme with your vet and then the participating CHeCS accredited health scheme listed below.

Premium Cattle Health Scheme
•     Tel: 01835 822 456
•     Email: pchs1@btconnect.com
•     Web: www.sruc.ac.uk/info/120112/premium_cattle_health_scheme

Issued by APHA: 21 April 2017

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